“Probably the best guitar player in comedy. Or the best comedian in guitar-playing” – The Tennessean
Greg Hall, guitar in hand, delights audiences nationwide with his songwriting, singing, and humorous observations of life in America. Based in Nashville, Greg headlines comedy venues around the country. He also has a thirty+ year history of playing music in diners, drive-ins, and dives. His entertainment career began in Texas as a singer/songwriter after winning a Kennedy Center award for “Outstanding Achievement in Musical Composition.” “In college I wrote the score for a Garcia Lorca play on an old Gibson Blue Ridge 12-string. The guitar won that award. You could play E minor, and sound omnipotent,” he says with a smile.Immediately after, Greg had the confidence to start playing listening rooms. “Texas in the late ’80s was a wonderful school to learn how to be a lone troubadour. I’d go see, and open shows for guys like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Steven Fromholz, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Shake Russell, Jimmy La Fave, and the like. They were the real deal, and we were ‘Americana’ before the genre had a name.” The next decade took him on a musical journey through thirty states, and Europe. He released five CDs along the way, and shared stages with Shelby Lynne, Vern Gosdin, Jerry Jeff Walker, Eric Johnson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Keith Urban, Dan Seals, and others. Then came the car wreck, and the comedy.

After recovering from a near fatal car wreck, Greg took a dare to get on a comedy stage, and wound up being booked the next 15 years. “I never put down the guitar, or stopped singing and writing…it just went a different direction. Comedy clubs are fun. You get great hotels, in great places, and I work from Wisconsin to the Bahamas. I still do them, though the music gigs seem to be taking over.”  Hall says the one on one, direct communication learned in stand-up translates to his current music shows. “I love combining the two. Talking with, and connecting with the crowd through stories and songs is the joy of the gig.”

Greg’s love for singing his songs was resurrected after opening a “PBS Soundstage” taping for Kenny Loggins, and Jim Messina in 2016. “Hearing those guys play ‘House on Pooh Corner’, ‘Watching the River Run’, and ‘Danny’s Song’, took me back to watching them on ‘Midnight Special’ with my parents when I was a kid. I realized I started as a Texas singer/songwriter/guitar player, and that’s how I will end. I just tell better stories now,” he says with a grin. Better stories indeed. Greg observes life’s mishaps with a twinkle in his eye, and hope. The result is an achingly fun musical journey sharing his hard-won, slightly skewed wisdom. His first studio album of original songs in 15 years, the long awaited “Beauty from Ashes” is due June 2019. “I’m very happy with it. Collectively, these guys are the most talented group of music makers I’ve ever worked with.”

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